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EdgeC is the refreshing perspective in CxO Change. (eC) helps organisations design and implement successful (business, strategic, digital, technology) transformations; and (organisational, operational, process) change excellence.

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Um! our change is not aspirational*

If your change is more um! and less aspirational* then your missing out. EdgeC recognises that CxO's are under increasing pressure to deliver even more measurable transformative results and business value. Since 1996 (eC) has worked with leaders like you delivering (strategy, people, process & tech) change initiatives that are specifically adapted & designed to minimise complexity

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EdgeC works with C-levels, Business Leaders, & Entrepreneurs navigating through the complex wave of change, from discovery through to implementation and everything in between ... its what we do : influence thinking, drive change, create competitive advantage, deliver full value with minimum disruption

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plot the course of action

define, listen,
influence ...

challenge status quo
engage stakeholders
identify opportunities
strategic planning
change strategy
future strategy
set the tone

plan, control,
mobilise ...

strategic programmes
governance, delivery
turbo charge projects
analysis redesign
business architecture
drive change

shape, embed,
synergise ...

change integration
change management
sponsorship strategy
readiness strategy
reinforce strategy
mindset make it happen

dna, deliver,
transition ...

maximise impact
lead change
integrate strategies
inspire to aspire
renew culture


EdgeC goes beneath the surface to reveal the hidden truths and uncover opportunities. (eC) interfaces / collaborates with you to simplify direction & complexity, deliver better decisions, close the gap between strategy & execution, drive maximum value, together we can achieve measurable results & value that enhances your organisation's capability

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EdgeC facilitates change using hands-on structured consulting methodologies, frameworks, industry best practices, and recognised programme delivery / project management disciplines to mobilise, align, embed, structure and hit the ground running, effectively from day one

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EdgeC promise to you is simple ... "make change happen, make change stick". (eC) provides all you need in CxO change to grow, thrive and create substantial value for your clients and your business to move on from the status quo and upwards. Why exhaust yourself trying to do "everything" ...

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EdgeC provides the expertise that's missing or limited in your current CxO Change model. (eC) offers variable cost (short-term solutions & long-term strategies) flexible in terms of availability, location and role. For expert c-level change solutions & strategies call now +44(0)709 280 8969

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Julie Williams MBB, is a Interim Manager Strategist, ICF Executive Coach, with over 20+ years international expertise specialising in designing / delivering / implementing & collaborating on C-level change initiatives. I work with leaders in local / global industry-sectors across Fortune 500, FTSE 250 companies, Start-ups and Government organisations

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EdgeC pushes the boundaries with fresh ideas, changing mindsets, building trust, leveraging the right resources, connecting the dots. (eC) helps clients to step out of their comfort zone to realise their vision on-time and within budget in holistic and incremental change iniatives

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