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EdgeC is the refreshing perspective in CxO Change Excellence. We specialise in helping leaders, enabling visionaries to design effective organisations. (eC) delivers innovative (business, strategic, digital, technology) transformations; our focus is on the cxo agenda that address the big picture issues from an organisational, operational & process standpoint.


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EdgeC recognises that CxO's are under increasing pressure to deliver even more measurable transformative results and business value. This is why our work with leaders like you is specifically geared towards achieving c-level change excellence in (strategy, people, process, tech)

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EdgeC collaborates with highest level stakeholders (C-levels, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs), on the journey of change. From discovery to implementation and everything in between, we get you where you need to be, its what we do ...

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plot the course of action

define, listen,
influence ...

challenge status quo
engage stakeholders
identify opportunities
strategic planning
change strategy
future strategy
set the tone

plan, control,
mobilise ...

strategic programmes
governance, delivery
turbo charge projects
analysis redesign
business architecture
drive change

shape, embed,
synergise ...

change integration
change management
sponsorship strategy
readiness strategy
reinforce strategy
blueprint dna
mindset make it happen

drive, deliver,
transition ...

maximise impact
lead change
integrate strategies
inspire to aspire
renew culture

continually question how things can be better

EdgeC takes change seriously ... we focus on 10 things : facilitate (change), challenge (status quo), influence (thinking), translate (insight), connect (dots), align (solutions), close (gaps), shape (future), deliver (realities), generate (revenues) ... Change is in our DNA

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EdgeC goes beneath the surface to uncover hidden opportunities and reveal the truth that often overlooked when you need to achieve measurable results and maximum value that can improve your organisation capability. (eC) interfaces / collaborates with you to simplify direction, minimise complexities, close the gap between strategy & execution, all the while enabling leaders to deliver better decisions

#method (flows)
EdgeC facilitates c-level change through the application of hands-on structured consulting methodologies, adding structure and stability through governance and frameworks, industry best practices, and recognised programme delivery / project management disciplines. (eC) enables leaders and teams to hit the ground running, and be effectively from day one

#promise (results)
EdgeC promise to you is simple ... "make change happen, make it stick". (eC) provides all you need to achieve a ROI in CxO change. Our aim is to shift your business from a negative status quo and move it forward and upwards to a new positive state. Enabling your business to grow and thrive, together we can create sustantial value for your customers


Julie Williams, MBB Interim Manager invigorates C-level Change Excellence initiatives. She delivers relevant, sharp strategies that renew organisation effectiveness, improve process efficiency and achieve immediate value & measurable results in complex transformations, and lifecycle change for local / global industry-sectors across Fortune 500, FTSE 250 companies, Start-ups and Government organisations in the UK and internationally

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EdgeC can provide the expertise that's missing or limited in your current CxO Change model. (eC) offers variable cost flexible in terms of availability, location and role. For expert C-level change solutions & strategies call edgeC now +44(0)709 280 8969 ...

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